United Insurance Company offers a wide coverage against the dangers of traffic accidents and safe protection from financial loss caused by vehicles damages. United Insurance Company offers several types of motor insurance policies as well as many other services, namely:

Third Party Liability Insurance

This policy covers the direct civil liability of the insured resulting from the material and physical damage which could involve a third party as per the regulations of the Traffic Department and the Ministry of Commerce.

Motor Comprehensive Insurance

This type of policy coverage will indemnify the insured against material loss or damage of all types, including fire, theft and traffic accidents as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Territorial Extension Limits Insurance

This type of policy is designed to extend the comprehensive coverage outside the geographical area of the State of Kuwait and covered the insured's vehicle within limits of policy.

Driving License Insurance

This policy insures the driver's license against his liability for accidental loss or damage.

Personal Accident Insurance

This type of policy coverage to indemnify against Accidental death, injury, Total Permanent Disability and Partial Permanent Disability of the driver or his / her family.

Orange Card insurance

This card is designed to cover the insured civil liability for vehicle accidents while crossing the GCC & Arab countries except Kuwait as per the compulsory insurance of each country.


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