General Accidents

General Accident Insurance

Burglary Insurance

This policy covers the insured against any physical loss or damage suffered as a result of the entry or exit of the property or secured exclusive objects which use as violence in during the robbery.

Banker Blanket Insurance

This Policy covers full risk of the Banks and any of the large financial institutions that provide financial services and coverage can be summarized as follows:
  • Fidelity Guarantee by employees of banks and financial institutions.
  • Physical damage to buildings, whether resulting from theft, robbery and damage and demolition.
  • The transfer of funds and property, whether under the possession of the insured or by the security company, excluding all risks property

Money in Transit / in safe Insurance

Means for the purposes of this insurance money (money) whether paper, metallic, or checks (whether open or ruler) or postage stamps used in correspondence or payment orders.
This policy covers theft that may occur and the like during transportation to and from the headquarters of the insured, the policy covers robbery by force and violence and the like inside the safes.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This policy covers employees in the performance of their work against any acts (fraud, embezzlement, theft, fraudulent switch) of the funds or property of the insured

Casualty Insurance

Director’s & Officers Liability

This policy deals with liability insurance managers and officials of the company against negligent conduct either fault or inadvertently to third parties within the limits of the certain insurance amounts are defined in table document can include document fidelity officials and managers.

Third party liability Insurance

This policy covers legal liability of the insured to the third party caused by:
  • Accidental bodily injury (fatal and non-fatal) and to any person (but not a family member of the insured or a person who works for him or for his service at the time of the accident
  • The direct physical damage to the property.


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